Can Direct Response make a difference in your marketing?

November 17, 2016
To answer this question for yourself, start with a more fundamental question:

Is it important to build relationships with your customers, prospective donors, and constituents?

With the Direct Response difference, your promotions and marketing materials:

  • Conversate with your audience instead of talking at them like other media
  • Genuinely connect the community with causes, products, and services they deeply care about
  • Establish your organization as an authoritative subject-matter expert
  • Engage your prospect with helpful information they’re seeking
  • Compel action by resonating with your prospect’s convictions and motivations

This could lead to:

  • increased newsletter subscriptions
  • new membership sign-ups
  • more membership and pledge renewals
  • higher merchandise sales
  • increased ticket sales for events and conferences
  • more participation in free community awareness events
  • regular or more frequent donations
  • higher gift amounts and matched gifts
  • higher lifetime value of your customers

Overall, a nurtured relationship established in respect and built with trust.

What is the Direct Response difference?

Would you agree that your customers are smart and capable consumers with access to information and product data at the click of a keyboard?  Consumer options grow daily, and so is the amount of marketing directed towards our prospect.

  • If your marketing strategy involves reaching out to your prospects using online and offline methods, then your prospect has to find you and your product among a sea of competitors.  
  • If your marketing strategy involves asking your prospects to respond by taking action, then your prospect must understand what the next logical step is for them.

For both cases, you and your product are competing for their attention with their other life priorities – work demands, raising kids, making time to spend with their spouse.

Direct Response copywriting provides Measurable, Profitable Results
by establishing a Personable Connection with Your Prospect
and then soliciting an immediate and specific action by them

Effective Direct Response copy establishes:
  1. Personable Connection: positions your service as the viable solution that has worked for others like Your Prospect
  2. Measurable Results: enables marketing teams to track the response rates for specific marketing pieces
  3. Profitable Results: moves Your Prospect to respond with a clear call-to-action (such as: order this product, hire this person, register online, renew your pledge)

In contrast, non-Direct Response copy promotes general brand awareness but is not focused on directing your prospect to take a specific action.  So, it is more difficult to measure the effectiveness of non-Direct Response marketing pieces.

Research shows that using Direct Response copy
creates higher conversion rates than non-direct response copy

The Direct Response difference enables You to:
  • Monitor the performance of Your investment
  • Measure Your Return on Investment (ROI)

With measurable results, you can leverage lessons learned to improve future outreach campaigns.  

Cut through the marketing noise and stand apart using Direct Response fundamentals to connect your customers with your products, services, or cause.​

Melody Kimball Copywriter / Consultant

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