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Give Me 60 Minutes and I'll Build You a Sales-Focused Custom Marketing Roadmap, for Free

In this hour, You Will Discover:


A successful business offers unique value to its customers. 

So logically, one-size does NOT fit all. "Cookie cutter" marketing can stifle sales if you're trying to follow marketing methods that don't fit your business, your offer, or sales process.



New online/offline communities and social media platforms are popping up daily. Confidently rank these traffic sources for your market by projected profitability so you don't get sucked into a time-waster. Find the balance by prioritizing your traffic sources.



The type, format, and amount of content you need to market your business depends on what value you provide your customers. 

Content Value. Identify strategic content for generating leads.



The principle of 80/20 focus is this:  80% of sales comes from 20% of advertising. Identify pivot points that maximize your investment. Generate revenue with a sales-focused action plan.

If you're a business owner who:

Wants MORE Sales

With all the marketing tactics and tips, how do you know what will actually work for your business? The Custom Marketing Roadmap will build a systematic sales-focused blueprint so you can prioritize your resource investments. 

Wants MORE Time Freedom

Successful businesses devote time to building their community and creating content. Time you never get back. The Custom Marketing Roadmap will identify your traffic sources and lead-generation content so you can find the balance that meets your business goals.

Wants to make a GREATER Impact

The Custom Marketing Roadmap will show you where to optimize your marketing assets to engage a larger, better qualified audience.

Wants MORE Clarity

Gain confidence in knowing you are taking the best marketing action for growing your sales. The Custom Marketing Roadmap creates structure from the murky sea of marketing advice. 

then this marketing consultation is for you

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You may be asking yourself:  

Why is this Free?

Here's why:

Trust isn't built in a day.

A percentage of people we meet with will want us to build their marketing systems and write their marketing materials for them.

But rather than try to convince you that we add value,

it makes more sense to simply demonstrate that we can help you

by ...actually helping you.

For free.

And let that experience speak for itself.

If you want to become a client after that, great.  And if not, no pressure.  We never like high-pressure sales pushed onto us, so we don't do high-pressure sales unto others.  

In fact, we stand by this promise in our No High-Pressure Hype Only Helpfulness Make Money Guarantee.

No High-Pressure Hype Only Helpfulness Make Money Guarantee

Our personal mission is to provide value in everything we do.

(1 Corinthians 10:31 and Colossians 3:23). 

If after spending an hour of your time with us, you don't have at least 1 new money-generating insight that can actually work for your business, then we will pay you $20 as a token of appreciation for your time.  

You won't even have to ask for it.  We know your time is way more valuable than $20.  Time is money.  And you definitely don't have time to waste. Especially on anything that doesn't help your business grow or make sales.

Plus, you can keep the Custom Marketing Roadmap.   So you risk nothing.  

Either way, you make money from your time with us.

But if you do believe that you got helpful value from our time together, you can rest assured that there won't be a high-pressure sale at the end.  You are completely covered with zero-obligation to buy.

We are confident that you will take away many valuable insights from our consultation. That your return on investment for our time together will be far greater than a measly $20. 

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How This Works:

Dusty and Chelsee R. CSUCI SPB

* Measurable Results *

"Creative in how she approaches and addresses projects...Melody thinks holistically about how to get it done with solid, measurable outcomes."



  • Quick questionnaire that helps prepare us to hit the ground running at your consultation
  • Don't worry, it's nothing intrusive or complex. Just a little info on:
  • how your business works or how you want it to work
  • what you're selling
  • how you're selling your products and services
  • At the end of the questionnaire, you'll be able to schedule a meeting time that works best for you

Is this for my business?

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  • We review: 
  • your business
  • your offer(s)
  • your plans for selling a future offer
  • your sales process
  • market research
  • This info helps us start working on Roadmap ideas before we meet


  • We work with you to determine: 
  • your sales goals
  • how many leads you want to get
  • what you want your lifetime revenue per customer to be
  • Friendly chat about what's working for you now


  • Based on what you tell us . . .
  • We'll create a Custom Marketing Roadmap that clarifies the areas with the greatest return on investment for your time and money
  • Sales growth specific to your business
  • For FREE
  • No High-Pressure Hype
  • No Obligation to buy anything


  • You will have the Big Picture for sales-generating results with 80/20 focus:
  • Marketing Recommendations — What you should be doing and how these recommendations fit your business goals
  • List of Strategic Content — What content is essential for generating quality sales leads, both online and offline
  • Sales Funnel Sequence — What methodical storyboard fits your customer's expectations and maximizes your opportunity for capturing sales

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What's the catch?

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AWAI-trained Copywriters with a Technical Writing background

Copywriting can be simplified as technical writing integrated with a sales objective, psychology, and sociology. 

Our copywriting builds upon our technical writing foundation with 10+ years experience

In our professional and personal travels, we've had the privilege of working with hundreds of people from every imaginable walk of life.  So, over the years we've learned to understand people with a range of communication styles from all types of backgrounds, beliefs, ways of thinking, and cultures. Leverage our insight and experience to help meet your business goals.

What People Say about Team Kimball's Copy and Counsel

Bryan E. SEALIFT mechanical engineer

* Plain English *

“You are an outstanding technical writer, with the ability to immerse yourself into complicated programs and breakdown the detail into something understandable to other non-techies." 

Dan B. Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement product support

* Quick Technical Curve *

"You easily pick up extremely complex, highly technical subjects with a natural intelligence — like with the MTVR "SmartBook". In order for our Team to restore configuration control, you captured 120+ system changes and then organized extremely technical design plans, manufacturing specifications, and production documentation so effectively that non-technical folks could perform the technical audits."

Mayra W. Spanish language educator for at-risk youth & Freelance Tutor

* Natural Intuition and Empathy *

“You have a great gift of discernment. You can quickly process viable solutions and make optimal and timely decisions because you are an outstanding listener and your brain analyzes options in dynamic ways."

Chris C. Writer for education & training at 

* Customer Insight *

"Communication, planning, and empathy. Together these give Melody a tremendous ability to communicate with compassion across the spectrum of people. Because she better understands people and where they're at, it enables her to better sense and serve their needs."

Can this work for you? Try it out – 1 hour you get a crystal clear Sales-Focused marketing plan

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Copywriting is critical for every business because you need to send the right messages to your customers

Like any business skill, you can learn how to create a sales-focused marketing plan and how to write sales-focused marketing copy.

You could:

  • spend 10,000+ hours in training courses and professional seminars
  • spend 10+ hours weekly to monitor marketing industry trends
  • spend $250,000+ on learning how to write effective copy (that's how much master copywriter Ray Edwards says he spent)
  • spend $$$ on tools that you will still need to spend additional time to understand how it works and then configure it for your business needs


you can capitalize on the expertise we've synthesized

as professionally trained copywriters

without investing your own time and brain cells.  

You'll be freed to redirect  those resources to growing your business.

Are you ready to check "write marketing materials" off your to do list?

This truly is a limited offer

Due to the nature of this offer, we're sure you understand why

we can only offer 3 complimentary Custom Marketing Roadmaps per month.

Claim one for your business today.

  • Generate revenue
  • Reclaim your time
  • Make a greater impact

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