The Word on Team Kimball

People know you to be reliable. . . I know I can always go to you for help because I trust your working knowledge.  And I trust you to genuinely lend a hand.  Many people come to you for help for this same reason.

Theresa C. Veteran

Our experience with people spans the spectrum of demographics.

So, we’re able to draw insights about your prospective customers and write your marketing materials to resonate with your customer’s desires and motivations.

  • Business
  • Public Sector
  • Christian organizations
  • Nonprofit

Channel Islands Alumni & Friends Association:  Maintaining alumni connection with their alma mater, membership enrollment campaigns for new and renewal prospects, fundraising for student scholarships, seeking alumni donations for California Chancellor's Office alumni participation metric, promoting awareness of membership services

    Tania G. Alumni Director

* Easy to work with *

"You have excellent organizational skills and a beautiful thought process that assesses all angles and seeks communal support in a comfortable and encouraging way... You take on any challenge and without hesitation commit to excellence. I very much enjoy your ability to give a project full commitment and energy..."

California State University Channel Islands Student Programming Board:  Creating student body engagement with diverse extracurricular opportunities, event marketing, participant feedback surveys and analysis

Dusty and Chelsee R. CSUCI SPB

* Measurable Results *

"Creative in how she approaches and addresses projects... Melody thinks holistically about how to get it done with solid, measurable outcomes."

Channel Islands Center for Civic Engagement Annual Hunger Banquet:  Promoting awareness of community hunger and homelessness, event marketing and coordination

  Jonathan N. CSUCI

* Innovation and Initiative *

"You are a socially conscious leader who serves to cultivate innovation and initiative for both yourself and others."

Mary's Wish Fundraiser:  Coordinated a fundraiser event for medical expenses for Mary Remotti who was suddenly afflicted with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)

(A Partial List of Related Experience)

Make a greater impact by reaching more people

If you reach out to prospective customers using online or direct-mail methods, then most likely we have experience with something similar to your type of cause, product, or service – whether we’ve written a marketing piece, studied related controls, or are product consumers.

Even if we haven’t written materials in your specific field, this simply gives you the advantage of having an outsider perspective of what's attractive about your product or service.

If you're looking to galvanize the community, rally support, or spread the word about your products and services, click here to learn how you can reach more customers.

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