"We specialize in creating sales-focused marketing materials that authentically connect with your prospect, resonate with their motivations, and compel them to answer your call-to-action."

– Michael & Melody, Team Kimball

True to direct response form, we can offer A/B Split-Test options for elements within each marketing piece.

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About our pricing


Build Relationships


Email Marketing

Social Media Strategy

Overcome Buying Objectives

Email Campaigns

Case Studies

White Papers

Webinar Scripts

Close Sales

Fundraising / Sales Letters

Video Sales Letter Scripts

Landing Pages (online sales letter)

Opt-In Pages / Transaction Pages

Direct-mail Packages

Drive Traffic

Facebook Advertising

Lead Magnets / Opt-in Bait

Infographics / Typographics

Blog Posts / Online Articles

Lead-Generation / Traffic Strategy



1-Page Ad (or smaller)

Optimize Sales Funnel

Custom Marketing Roadmap

Key Message Platform

Website Audits

Copy Critique

Customer Surveys

Technical Writing

Product Manuals / User Guides

Training Videos

Training Lessons

PowerPoint Presentations



Marketing Plan

Sales-Focused Marketing Plan

Information Product Creation

Product Manuals / User Guides

  • Fee schedule subject to change.  Our pricing is project-based and will include all the work we have agreed to in advance.  Quoted pricing also includes all revisions within the original scope of the project at no additional cost.

Copywriting is critical for every business because you need to send the right messages to your customers

Like any business skill, you can learn how to write sales-focused marketing copy.

You could:

  • spend 10,000+ hours in training courses and professional seminars
  • spend 10+ hours weekly to monitor marketing industry trends
  • spend $250,000+ on learning how to write effective copy (that's how much master copywriter Ray Edwards says he spent)
  • spend $$$ on tools that you will still need to spend additional time to understand how it works and then configure it for your business needs


you can invest in working with a

professionally trained copywriter at a fraction of that cost

You can capitalize on the expertise we have synthesized without investing your own time and brain cells.  

You'll be freed to redirect  those resources to growing your business.

Are you ready to check "write marketing materials" off your to do list?

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Our Professional Promise Guarantee

Although no one can ensure the response rate from their direct response piece,
Team Kimball guarantees your satisfaction with the copy you receive from us.


  • That build authentic relationships with my audience
  • That resonate with their values in a way that compels them to take action
  • That stand apart from the marketing noise

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With all the hats you already wear as a business owner, it's challenging to keep up with the ever-evolving marketing industry.  We monitor these trends so you can be confident we're implementing proven sales-generating methods for your business.

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